Self-Contained Influencer

You hear the term influencer used a lot in marketing nowadays.
Most influencers are self-contained individuals that curate and create their own content.
YouTube is a great place to find and follow influencers.
Another great place is Instagram.

There's a key element to being an influencer.
Their ability to be self-contained.
Whether it's blogging from your camera or blogging from your laptop most influencers control their tech.
Why is this important?

It's the influencers who have the best grasp of their tech that output the best content.

Obviously financial status plays a part in this.
For example certain influencers have the ability to afford a documenter or cameraman in simple terms.
Still most influencers control their tech and have a solid command of the technology used in creating their content.
In the influencer community getting your tech right is critical to your success.
Your business is no different.