New Car Smell

I was in the market for a new car recently.
The process goes something like this.
I fire up my tech.
I build my requirements list.
I narrow down my choices.
I check across multiple sites to see the current programs and discounts.
I update my handy-dandy spreadsheet with all the financial and technical specifications that I need to go shopping.
As I visit each dealer I can't help but notice the differences in service quality.
Car manufacturers work hard to promote their brands.
But the quality of the dealers that sell their products can vary greatly.
I visited 3 dealers in one day.
The last dealer on my tour provided the best experience.
I walked into the showroom and the gentleman kindly greeted me and asks how he may help me today.
I tell him that I am just going through my process and he obliges me.
We walk through the lot and locate the cars I am interested in.
He provides a solid demonstration of the car.
We have a casual conversation exchange business cards and I'm off.

He knew I wasn’t buying that day and that was fine with him.

The buying experience is so critical to the process yet so many dealers do it wrong.
I walked into one dealer where everyone was eating hot dogs and didn't want to be disturbed.
Quite frankly I didn't want to disturb them either as they all seemed very happy with wieners in their mouths.
Another dealer had the lot hunter.  You know - The guy that attacks you when you walk on the lot.

He hunts me down and then asks me all of those dealer questions they love to ask like…
What is it about this car that you like?
How much are you looking to spend?

To which I did not provide an answer.
At the end of the day I purchased a car from a dealer that had what I was looking for and provided a great experience.
I’ll buy when I’m ready is my approach.
Be informed.
Ask questions.
Buy when you’re ready.