Cowboys and Indians

When I was young I played Cowboys and Indians with the kids on my street.
For us kids it was pretty much the same as playing any other game.
We split up into teams and then try to beat the crud out of each other.
Years later the game continues.
But now it’s in the office.
The Cowboys nowadays are the fly by the seat of their pants, don't have a plan types.
They’re the people in your office that are more like the Marlboro man.
The lone wolf doing his/her own thing.

Sitting back and unknowingly picking off the Indian’s one by one.

On the flip side the Indians are a small group of unarmed civilians who are just running around trying to avoid the Cowboys.
This makes for an unhealthy office environment and a culture of disaster.

The thing is - This culture of Cowboys and Indians is very real and may just be happening at your office right now.
If the game of Cowboys and Indians has hit your business it's time to move to the future.
The days of the wild west are in the past.
The modern business is here.
Technology can bring people together.
Tech can unify.
Tech can change your world.