The End Of Job Descriptions

Whenever anyone asks me for a job description I get a little bit queasy.
Here's the thing.
Job descriptions typically don't make a lot of sense.
They are typically some form of a high-level description of what you're looking for.
I say that because most people use job postings as their job descriptions.
A job description is a detailed document that outlines specific job functions, requirements and expectation for the role.
If you're a small business owner chances are you've never written a job description.
And chances are you never will.

So here's the out of the box thinking on this one.
Does your company have a culture code?
Does your company have some form of guiding principles or fundamentals?
If so, use those as your job description.
In small business America what you really want is someone who fits your culture.

And someone who is in line with your ideals.

Culture is king. 

But what about a job description Rob?  Don’t I need one?
The answer is - not really.

Instead implement a scorecard program.
A scorecard program basically outlines your company's goals and the associated tasks to help reach those goals.

A scorecard is a living breathing document that is reviewed at minimum on a quarterly basis.
You see, no one's job description lasts forever.
Jobs and roles are changing all the time.
Your job description is outdated a day that you write it.

So hire staff that align with your culture.

Then use a scorecard to focus on deliverable's that will move your business forward.