Negative Nancy

Who is negative Nancy?
Where did she come from?
And the ever burning question…
Why the name Nancy?
I was listening to a conversation today and heard the someone say
“Someone call that customer and tell them to stop calling so much.”
When I hear the phrase someone better, or you better, I get concerned.

Being in the service business is not for everyone.
That sad part is that most people in America are in the service business.
Doesn't matter whether you sell tacos or technology.  You're in the service business.

The service business is about - people helping people.
Sure sometimes clients can be difficult.
Sure sometimes you may need to talk to the client about the relationship.
But in the situation I witnessed the core issue was culture.

When you have people in your organization that are negative Nancy’s…
Your culture suffers.
Your clients suffer.
And, your business suffers.
Remove the negativity in your business.
Focus on helping others be successful.
It will bring you happiness.

This I know.