One Better

We had a client yesterday who called in for support and said - I want to do this...

Now this could be anything.

For example… I want to use this program in this way.

So, one of our ever helpful engineers began assisting the client to give them what they asked for.

But here's the rub.

What they asked for didn’t work.

At least not the way they thought it worked.

It's times like these when adjusting your frame of reference allows the solution to present itself. 

You see, what we want it's not always what we need.

In this specific case using a different app to do the same task ended up being the best solution.
Solving problems is not about doing what someone asks you to do.

Although sometimes it might feel that way.

It's about understanding what is needed and providing value.

So when looking for a solution - understand that your idea might not be the best.

Heck, my idea might not be the best.

We just need to be open to and accepting of the thought that someone might have an idea that’s better.

Image by Alejandro Cordara