We're Not Enterprise

I've worked for a Fortune 10 Enterprise company.

It was a fun five years of my life.

In that time I rose quickly into the ranks of leadership and management.

Needless to say - I know a thing or two about Enterprise IT.

Many IT companies will tell you that they provide Enterprise IT to small businesses.
They sell the concept that your small business can have all of the things that Enterprise IT has for a low monthly fee.

But it's a flawed thought.
Your small business is a small business.
You're quick and you’re nimble.
Likely you were tired of the man keeping you down and so you started a small business.

You were tired of the drama.
You were tired of the politics.
You were tired of all the red tape.
And so you left.

Your small business is not Enterprise.

Sure there are good things about Enterprise IT.
But many of those good things are just common sense.
Practices that you should have in your business regardless if you’re big or small.

Enterprise IT is about control and compliance.
Enterprise IT scales by saying no not yes.
Try and get your head around that one.
So next time someone says we sell Enterprise IT for the small business - ask them how that's a good thing for you.
And then sit back and listen.
The words policy and procedure are the tools of Enterprise IT.
They smell of command and control.
My business is American. 
It is freedom.
It requires a new type of IT management.
Get your tech right.