I Can't Quit My Cloud Provider

I consider myself somewhat of a free spirit.

I like to come and go as I choose.

Nowhere does this hold more true than with online cloud services.

Sure, companies make the signup process quick and easy.

But cancelling service seems to be a whole different ball game.

When it comes to online services my message to everyone is to - just let me go.

Here's the point.

If you design an online service please make it easy for people to leave.
Yes. Let people go.

Customer experience doesn't end when people sign up.

Customers experience never ends.

Why create a pathway out of your service that closes the door on the way back?

Seriously, If I have to call somebody or spend my time trying to get away from your service - believe me - I'm not coming back.

Here's the thing.

There are many situations where I've had to cancel a service only to come back to the service later.

One of the reasons I came back was because we parted on good terms.

When I recommend an online app to someone - You bet I'm recommending the ones that will let you go easily.
If you love someone set them free.
Customer experience never ends.