One Thing Leads To Another

It seems like there's a never ending amount of work that begs for your attention.

Add to that--someone else's unrealistic expectations and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Many years back I learned this valuable lesson.

When you're trying to move your business forward. Less is more.

Meaning that if you only focus on what really matters - on what can really move your business forward - then your business can sore.

Years back a my CEO at the time sat me down and said the following.

I only want you to work on one item per month.

Think about it this way... If you work on one item per month and finish it - by the end of the year you will have finished 12 things that move the business forward.

Seems obvious doesn't it?

But the reality of it is is that people's expectations and appetites get in the way. 

Things are going to come up that need your attention.

Sure, you won't spend 100% of your time working on this one thing.
Sure, there are several other things that will get done.

The idea is that time is allocated and every effort is made to prioritize and complete the one thing. 

I can tell you that in companies where this principle has been practiced I have witnessed and been a part of overwhelming success.

While many will agree that this is that this makes a lot of sense very few will actually do it.

While many believe, few will follow.

This same principle can be applied to the tech in your business. 

There's usually only a few dials that need to be turned in your business to take your tech to the next level.

What are they?

If you know then get going.
If you don't - then let's figure it out together.