Under The Hood

I've been watching Fast and Loud on The Discovery Channel the last few weeks. It's pretty cool watching the Gas Monkey Garage guys rebuild classic cars into hot rods.

As part of my company being on the acquisition trail we’ve had the opportunity to look under the hood of a few potential prospects.

It's interesting - when you look under the hood - what you can learn about a company. 

Not just things like profitability but other things like business model design, culture and innovation. 

It's interesting that often with a few tweaks a company can be turned into so much more. 

The same holds true for your company’s tech.

Usually just a few tweaks are needed to be able to create a finely tuned machine.

Sometimes just changing the spark plugs will spark a new growth in your business.

So take a look under your hood and see if there's some maintenance needed on the tech in your business.

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