Turn Up The Radio

Back in the good ol’ days of South Florida there was a place called the Hollywood Sportatorium. 

It's where all the big concerts happened in South Florida and every show was an event.

In 1984 I went to see Van Halen on the first show of their 1984 tour supporting the album 1984. 

Yes, I just said 1984 4 times.

The opening act was a band named Autograph that was not yet famous for their song Turn Up The Radio.

Which brings me to topic of turning up the dial on your tech.

When you look at the tech in your business.  There are typically only a few dials that need to be turned in order to get your tech going in the right direction.

Being involved with the tech of several companies here in South Florida it usually boils down to 1 to 2 dials that need to be turned to improve a company’s tech.

It may be something as simple as moving to Office 365.
Or it may be buying a new line of business application.
Or it may just be buying better network equipment.

Starting down the path of getting your tech right is not brain surgery.

Just turning a few dials on your tech can really turn the volume up on your business.

So let's turn up the radio and get your tech right.