Your IT Coach

You can hire a marketing guy to help you with marketing.

You can hire a CPA to help you with your finances.

You can hire a lawyer to help you with your legal.

You can hire a business coach to help you be a better CEO.

You can join an organization to help you with your line of business.
You can join EO or YPO or Vistage to help you.
You may invest in a few or many of these relationships to move yourself and your business forward.
So why don't you do this for your tech?

The reality is that your tech is one of the most important aspects of your business.
And it is largely ignored as a strategic part of your business.
Getting your tech right is worth the investment.
And having the right person/team in your corner will play a key role in your success.
So next time you're sitting with your business coach...
Imagine if you had that same type of relationship with your tech.