You're My Satellite

By the way I love the song Satellite by Guster.

So my car is in the shop for a couple of days and my temp car doesn't have Satellite Radio.

I thought list listening to commercials was going to be a downer but what's even more of a downer is the lack of musical selection on FM radio.

It's nuts.
Not having listened to radio for many years it's quite a frustrating experience.
There might be some redeeming quality to listening to radio but when you've lived in the future it's hard to go back.
This is by no means a paid endorsement of Sirius Satellite Radio, unless they want to send me a check. 
It’s more of a comment on how the industry and technology have shaped how we consume entertainment.
And in the business sense how we consume technology.

You don't know what you don't now.
I'm sure the people in the dark ages were somewhat happy.
But the future looks so bright with so many things at your fingertips that nostalgia gets old really fast.
Give me a heavy dose of future.
And…  I want my Satellite radio back.