Teach Don't Tell


We all get busy.

We're all running a million miles an hour.

We’ve all been taught that we need to be great delegators—to get more done.

Working as a team.

Getting things done.

There's no greater feeling.


But one of the pitfalls of delegating it's what I like to call The Delegate Drop.

You know this one.

It's when you ask somebody to do something for you and it doesn't get done.


Enter the practice of Teach Don't Tell.

Teach Don't Tell—is a very simple thing.

There’s just a few ground rules to it.


When delegating do the following.

One—Briefly explain what it is that you're requesting.
Two—Ask the person if they feel comfortable completing the request.
Three—If they say yes then continue on.

If they say no. Stop!

Take a moment, or schedule a moment to teach.

It may be as simple as referencing an article.

Or it it may take a little time.

It's important to remember that an investment in time helps both you and the other person.

It builds trust and it builds teamwork.

A cool thing about Teach Don't Tell is that you can use it in reverse.

When you do it in reverse.

You get to learn something.

And your building trust and teamwork.

Everyone wins.

I would go into how Seagull Management is the arch enemy of Teach Don’t Tell but that’s a story for another day.

For today, consider Teach Don’t Tell.

Make it your go to option when delegating or making a request.