IT At First Sight

Many people believe in love at first sight.

Couples tell stories of how they met and how everything just clicked from that very first moment.

How everything has always been chocolates and roses.

But the reality is that relationships take time.

People need to get to know each other.

It takes time to build trust.

Businesses are consistently bad at relationships.

We're terrible daters.

Take look for example look at the hiring process in America.

You interview somebody for an hour or so and then you make a decision to jump into a long-term relationship with them. (by the way… don’t do this)

Businesses have the same problem with their vendors.

Sometimes they don't even date them.

They just see a number in a bathroom stall, call it, and then jump in bed.


There's a lot of hooking up going on.

Not a lot of thoughtful relationships I’d say. 

These less thoughtful relationships lead us down roads less traveled. Troubled roads for sure.

I see this often when meeting with prospective clients.

Although we try to insert a little bit of a dating process into having a relationship with us...

Clients still expect that everything is going to be perfect and that everything will be chocolates and roses.

The reality is that it takes time.

Think about the business relationships you have.

Are you being realistic?
Are you treating everything like a hook up?
Is everything a one night stand?
Is everything transactional?

And if everything is transactional - why are you so afraid to make a commitment?

You know nothing lasts forever.

But a great relationship is a great relationship.

And great relationships are worth having.

So be patient.

Be calm and take your time developing relationships with those vendors that are key to your business.

Things will go better for you in the long run.