Water And A Squeegee Please


It used to be that you could go to a Shell station, get some gas and clean your windows.

And - if the attendant on duty was on his game you’d also have paper towels in the dispensers to wipe up.

All this made for a happy gas buying experience.

You could fill your tank.

Clean your windows.

And maybe stop in the mini mart for a nice cold beverage.

In my town there are 4 Shell stations.

Only one of them provides clean water and paper towels consistently.

How can that be?

Aren’t they all the same?

Au contraire mon frère!

These things make a difference at the end of the day.

Personally—I shop at the one with the clean water and sometimes at one next to my office.

But I never shop at the other two.

It's called customer experience for a reason.

I just want the best.

And sometimes the best is just a vendor who lives up to their promises.

More water and squeegees please.