Clicking Will Get You Somewhere


As technology becomes more consumer friendly - more and more apps are now accessible to more and more people - and that's a good thing.

Need an accounting system?

Just a few clicks and you've got one running.

Need a ticketing system?

Once again just a few clicks and you're up and running.

Clicking around yields different results for different people.

Some people do fairly well setting up their sandboxes for whatever apps they purchase online. 

Others struggle, get disheartened, and then stop using an app.

A more common situation is where someone sets up an app for you and then you take it from there.

Much is the case with a new client I'm working with.

Their last guy set up Google G Suite for them and then just clicked next, next, next and got things up and running.

During my initial review I noticed two simple things.

1—The billing was set up to annual billing.  The issue was that there are 3 billing options and the client was sent to the least favorable one for them.

So we changed that.

2—Was an issue with how their email accounts were set up.

We're working on that now.

You see—clicking around will get you somewhere.

Maybe just not always where you want to be.

Need some help doing some educated clicking?

Shoot me an email.

I'll be glad to help.