Much like the holy wars of Mac versus PC or Android versus iPhone is the classic DELL versus HP debate.

Many an IT guy has had this debate around the water cooler or at a technical conference.

It's what they do.

As my friend Chris likes to say - It is what it is.  Or IIWII for short.

Still there's a lesson to be learned as with any topic.

Mind you - the DELL versus HP debate is a multi layered discussion because both vendors sell more than just PCs.

And so the discussion can be based around servers, workstations, laptops, network equipment and storage.

Each area debatable within its own realm.

So in the end does it matter whether you choose DELL or HP?

The answer is - not really.

It's about what works best for your business with a little personal preference thrown in for good measure.

Did I mention that half of the clients that came on board this month were all Mac?

Need some help figuring out which way to go?

Shoot me an email. I would be glad to help.