Imaginary IT

It's about people pretending to have something they don't.

About owning software you really don’t own.

Assuming a process is there that doesn't really exist.

Expecting that something is being done a certain way when in reality it’s not being done at all.

You can live in this imaginary world or you can choose to just be honest with yourself and with others. 

Admit that there is a problem.

Admit that nothing has been done.

Then doing something about it.

It's better than pretending that something is there that isn't.

Or worse - Being adamant that something exists when it really doesn't.

If you were sold a bill of goods it's a shame.

Sometimes it’s just the harsh reality.

But the flip side of that is…

If you’re not listening, not paying attention, and not really in touch with what's going on.

Then there’s something wrong.

And it needs fixin’

Let’s not live in a world of Imaginary IT.