You Know It When You Got It

Truth rings true.

As with anything in life... the truth is always crystal clear.

Just use your gut as your guide.

The one caveat to these axioms is that well… You need a well tuned gut.

So how do you tune your gut?

Well… Education, consideration and reflection.

Unless we're willing to embrace the notion that we're not always right, that our version of truth may need refinement. We will forever be stuck with our current version of truth.

Or worse - our version of our truth will erode. 

I like to work on my gut/truth regularly. Not every day mind you, but regularly.

Wading through a room full of people with eroding truth highlights the need:

To forge ahead.
To refine your personal gold
And to tune your gut.

Better decision-making will come from your education, consideration and reflection.

You will be the better for it and so will those around you.

Truth rings true.