Proof In The Pudding

Dropping my kid off at school today reminded me of a lesson learned in math class many years back.

Basic math was fun and easy.

Things made sense, at least for me, and answers came without much work and effort.

As math progressively got harder my teacher introduced a new concept which was to show your work.

No longer did you just turn in your work for a grade.

You now had to show your work.
How you got your answer.
And what formula do you applied.


The tech in your business is not be one of those areas where you just turn in the work and take the grade. 

When working with your IT company and ask them to show you how they do things.

Ask them for proof that things are done and done correctly.


You don't necessarily need to know the formulas they use.

It's more about understanding what you're getting and what you've been given.

Proof positive. There's a better way to buy IT.


Sometimes it's easier to believe then to know.

If you don't feel like you're getting proof.
If you feel like proof is missing in your IT.
If you feel like you're not getting answers.

Start asking questions ask for some proof.

Understanding the tech in your business only requires that you understand a few key principles.

Proof of the principles is all we’re looking for here.

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