Give Good Demo

I've had the opportunity to see Guy Kawasaki speak at conferences more than a few times.

His message is always inspiring and highlights what businesses can do to be successful.

Among his many useful tidbits of knowledge is the phrase Give Good Demo.

I just finished up going through a accounting/ERP package selection process with a client.

One of the key things that helped sealed the deal for the winning vendor was their ability to give good demo.

Every interaction we had with them along the way was very was executed well.

When it came down to demo they modeled the client environment to a "T" and nailed the day in the life experience using their product.

There were other factors to the decision outside of just a great demo but I wanted to highlight the fact that demonstrating your wares is critical whether you're pitching something inside your company to your boss or coworkers or your pitching a product to a client.

Your presentation needs to be tight and it needs to be on point.

Good demos win.

A good demo executed well covers the key criteria.
It addresses the main pain points a customer has.
It makes the solution real for the recipient.
It lets them taste reality.

When selling your idea.  Yes, you need to sell your ideas.  Make sure you’re giving good demo.  

Words nowadays are not enough.  Demo for the win!