Primary Care IT

Yesterday I drove my wife to get a blood test.

Her doctor was looking for specific information and so a specific blood test was requested.

There's lots of information in our bloodstreams.

Depending on what information the doctor needs will dictate what data is requested.

The same holds true for the tech in your business.

There are many different aspects to an IT environment.

Depending on the task at hand your environment is viewed through a different lens.

For example, if you're concerned about security than a security audit would be needed.

The same goes for things like compliance.  There's even an assessment for general network health.

Still, with all of these areas in your environment it's good to have a general practitioner.

Your Primary Care IT provider. 

See what I did there?

So yeah, it's important to know who to call.
It's also important to have a go to guy.

Make it a great day.