White Box vs. Dell

So a client asked me yesterday…

Why would I buy a PC from Dell versus just getting a PC from a white box vendor?

I shared with him that this was not a technical question.

It's a business question.

From a business perspective there are 3 reasons why it makes sense to buy your computers from a vendor such as Apple, Dell, HP or Lenovo.

Reasons provided are in no particular order.

Reason 1
Vendors offer a warranty plan. A warranty plan provides coverage in the event that your PC breaks. You can buy a three-year or five year warranty.  When you factor this out over the life cycle of the computer it makes a lot of sense. If your computer breaks at any point during its lifespan the manufacturer will come out and fix or replace the computer.  This helps to avoid lost productivity.

Yes I know this is an insurance policy of sorts but it pays off huge.

Reason 2
Manufacturers like Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo have an integrated design.  This means that they figure out where all the ports need to go and a package their computers in such a way that they hold up longer.

It's something we overlook because it's partly an aesthetic thing but function plays a big role in the computer’s design.

Reason 3
Is component compatibility. Since vendors sell a lot of these a lot of systems they want to make sure that all the parts and pieces work together. Depending on the vendor you'll have different levels of compatibility testing. Some do it more than others but it's still very central to providing a comprehensive computer. Probably the best known for this is Apple. 

Buying from well-known manufacturers guarantees that your business will stay up and running and that you'll have the support and coverage you need - when you need it.

There is a place and time when you might want to buy the parts and pieces to make that super-computer with all of the best individual components.

But your office is not that place.

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