The Buffet

There's a ton of tech options out there.

There's more tech then we can possibly consume.

So how do we choose?
How do we choose what's right for our business ?

Choosing tech is a lot like going to a buffet.

There's a ton of options.

Many ways to fill our plate.

Some of those options go together and some of them don't.

But it doesn't mean we can't try them out say on a sampler plate.

I guess the success of this analogy really depends on your buffet eating style.

Some people plan their trips to the buffet.
While others just eat everything.

When it comes to choosing the tech in your business - it's more about finding complementary items that are going to work together.

This is based on your business model and business process. <<<Key point there.

Sometimes it helps to ask the cook what's good on table.

And if he's a nice guy he’ll steer you to what's good and what's filler.

When you step up to that great tech buffet table it's good to have a strategy.

Without it you might end up with a bunch of junk on your plate.

I’m hungry.  I’m going to go eat now.