Customer Buckets

I met with a couple of prospective clients yesterday.

Both conversations were very different.

I like to think that while every client is unique in their own way - prospective clients typically tend to fall in one of three buckets.

Bucket A - First time buyers.

These are clients that have never contracted for IT services before. Typically they don't understand the full value of what it is they're purchasing. They're trying to make the jump from pay as you go to purchasing a professional service.

Bucket B - The been around the block group.

This client type has purchased IT services before. They understand the concept of monthly recurring costs and their tech is usually somewhat organized.  While they may have been burned by their last provider.  They’re hopeful that this time around they’ll find the right partner.

Bucket C - The experienced buyer.

I call this group the Gazelles. This client fully understands the IT service model and the value of outsourcing. The big differentiator in this group is that they typically understand the value of tech in their business. The conversations are more about partnership and validating alignment on expectations.

Consider which bucket your businesses is in.

It's not a bad thing or a good thing - It's just about knowing where you are at in your businesses maturity level.

Yesterday's conversation was with was with a first time buyer and a Gazelle. Both very different conversations. 

Both very fruitful. 

I hope to be working with both of them.

If you need some help shoot me an email.

I’d be glad to help.