The Death Of The Trusted Advisor

You can't sell trust.

No matter how hard you try.

Trust is not a commodity.

With that said, many in the tech community still sell the concept of:

“We will be your Trusted Advisor”.

Sure, I get that you're selling the idea that they will somehow earn your trust and become your Trusted Advisor.

But that’s exactly why you can't sell trust.

Trust is earned for most people.

The saying goes... Trust is earned not given.

Still people insist on selling themselves as Trusted Advisor's hoping that the word trust builds some sort of equity in their offer.

So let's look at the second term advisor.

Advisor means I'm going to give you advice that you can choose to accept or not accept.

Putting it all together it means…

If you trust me - you will take my advice
If you don't trust me - you won't take my advice.

For me - All I can do is to show up.

That's it. Just keep showing up.

You see, you can't make anybody trust you and you can't make anybody take your advice.

All you can do is keep showing up.

And, if you just keep showing up and providing value - eventually people will listen.

It's a simple formula but really it's just that.

Show up + Provide Value + Repeat

I don't want to be your Trusted Advisor.

I just want you to know that I will show up again and again each time providing value.

And that is my gold promise.