Teach A Man To Fish

My dad taught me to fish when I was young.

He taught me to do this at Happy Jack’s Fishing Farm in Azuza California.

Happy Jack’s was a place where you’d go and pay an entrance fee.
Then they would hand you a pole and a cup of bait.

Then you’d choose to fish from one of three ponds.

Pond 1 had fish they never fed.
Pond 2 had fish they sometimes fed.
And Pond 3 had the largest fish!
And of course… These fish were fed on a regular basis.

So you see, the term “teach a man to fish” can take on many meanings.

In my dad's example - fishing meant buying a service that allowed you to enjoy the experience.

Buying tech is much like the fishing farm.

Most people don't need to understand system internals, or how code works, or how to build a network. 

The key thing is to know where to go to get the best experience.

Some experiences will cost more than others.

The difference between the fishing farm and when my dad took me deep-sea fishing was quite a different experience.

Still both experiences taught me how to fish.

And... both experiences fit my needs at the time.

So when you're looking for for tech…

Look for the experience that will help your business catch the most fish.