That Little Voice In Your Head

I'm too close to it.
I live with it.
I see it every day.
It's how I experience the world.

I live with tech every day.
I think about tech every day.
Maybe I'm too close to it.
Maybe that's why I can't see your struggle.
Maybe it's why I can't understand why you do those things you do.

I don't expect that you will always value - what I bring to the table.

The decision is ultimately yours.

All I ask is that you allow me to be that little voice in your head.

That voice the coaches you along.
That voice that inspires you.
That feeling in your gut that tells you what you're doing is right.

Maybe you don't listen to that voice all the time but when you do we both win.

If I can help you to understand your tech a little better.
If I can help you make more informed decisions.
If I can help you to move your business forward.

Then I have done what I came to do.

You don't have to know everything.
You just need to listen to understand.

Three points make a line.

Sometimes the answer is to listen, accept and act.