Technical Illiteracy

One of the biggest buzz kills right after you hire a new person is technical illiteracy.

While it may not be obvious to you.

Your staffs ability to perform technical tasks is critical to your business.

It starts with something as simple as the person logging into their computer.

And then moves on to someone's ability to communicate via email.

Next, it rears its ugly head in the person’s ability to come up to speed with your line of business app.

It can be tough to validate technical literacy during the hiring process.

Sometimes there are clues in the person's resume.
Sometimes there are clues on the person's LinkedIn profile... if they even have one.

One of the biggest problems companies face today is technical illiteracy.

A person’s inability to just use Excel or Google Sheets
A person’s inability to use Email.

I see this every day everywhere.

By raising your staff technical literacy levels your business will be able to grow by leaps and bounds.

People will be able to function at a higher level and provide higher value.

Is there a cure?
I don't have one yet. 

But I am targeting this and looking at ways to improve it.

More to come. Stay tuned.