I was watching a video last night about a group of guys that maintain printing presses for a large newspaper.

It was a behind the scenes look of a day in the life of a maintenance engineer.

I was really impressed by their craftsmanship in this day and age.

The engineers shared their experience with maintaining the machinery that generates millions of newspapers.

It got me thinking about how similar this is to maintaining the tech in someone's business. 

There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.

There are people, processes and systems that keep your business up and running.

Being able to see behind the curtain sometimes and understand what it takes to do tech right can help people to appreciate and value that they have.

It's reassuring to know that there are people behind the scenes that are making sure that when you roll up to your office each morning, that you can conduct your business.

Whether a printing press or the tech in your business it’s great having others contribute to the cause that moves your business forward.

Computing is not some lost art or dwindling technology.

Nevertheless it does require craftsman and artisans to help build to help maintain your modern business.

Shoot me an email - I'd be happy to share more about the tech behind your business.