It Takes A Network To Build A Business

The Internet is everywhere. 

Bandwidth is generally cheap and readily available.

But Internet in and of itself is only one piece of the network that runs your modern business.

I was doing a review of a client site today and found that the cabling used for the existing phone system will not work with the new Voice over IP (VoIP) phones that they want to buy.

There are several pieces that make up your network.  Cabling is one of them.

It's important to make sure that all of the pieces that make up your network are at optimum performance.

Having one week link in the chain can keep you from realizing the full value of your connections inside the office as well as to the outside world.

In this day and age a small investment up front pays huge dividends later.

The adage “It takes a network to build a business” is so true when you consider that if one piece isn't right your whole business can suffer.

Wondering if your business has all the right pieces in place?

Shoot me an email.  I'd be glad to help.