A Guy Named Bob

I've worked with a lot of guys named Bob.

All the Bob's have been interesting in their own way.  Some more than others.

One such Bob I'd like to tell you about today.

Bob was passionate, driven and a natural born leader.

And I don't say that about too many people.

One of Bob's traits was that he was a seeker of information.

It's one thing to be a good listener which is paramount but it's another thing to be a seeker of information.

Regularly myself and others would be asked by Bob - "Hey, what do you think about this?" or "What do you know about this?" in relation to a specific topic, issue or task.

Being a leader you get information from all sorts of places.  The media, investors, your leadership team and others.

While the final decision is ultimately yours.  If you are not informed or empowered with the right information it's difficult to make the best decision.

Bob was a seeker of information.

But the real key to all of this is that he listened.

How do I know that?

Well, because he implement my ideas as well as the ideas of others.

You see, it wasn’t just lip service.  He made his listening real.

In my travels I see bad tech decisions on a regular basis.

I’ve experienced and observed several situations where IT should have been brought in sooner to the decision-making process.

It's an unfortunate reality that could change with a little information seeking.

I'm grateful for people like Bob who taught me how to ask and seek for information.  If you're looking to get the tech right in your business - seek out the right information

If you don't know what the information is that you need to seek then just ask.

I’m here to help.