A New Kind of Think

Back in the late 80’s, when I first started in IT, the first computing system I learned was a system called a MicroVAX created by Digital Corporation.

I had the opportunity to set up and manage a system that encompassed 3 offices all fully interconnected.

We had email
We had instant messaging
We had document storage
We had word processing
We had spreadsheets
And we had custom applications.

While most business were still working on individual PC’s
I was learning and operating in a different league.

It wasn't until many years later when people start figuring out how to interconnect PCs and building office networks.

My view of computing was molded by the ability to have all of this technology available to a company.

I was exposed to a new kind of think.

One where a business had the tools to succeed.

It enabled the company that I worked for to function in ways that other's only dreamed of or couldn't even dream of for that matter.

It was fun time and I learned a lot.

Technology is always changing. Constantly moving forward.

If your mind is not open and searching for new ways to do things.

Opportunities may pass you by.


Nostalgia and dogma can stifle a business.

Doing things that you've always done them it's not always the wisest move.

Constantly striving for efficiency and greatness in your computing and your business process is what will give your business the edge for many years to come.

Remember that we don't know what we don't know.

If we just open our minds and consider other possibilities we may just be able to move our businesses forward when it most needs it.