Liberate Your IT

A good friend of mine uses the term liberate your IT.

I think it's fitting for today's thought.

Have you ever wondered how new startups become huge companies?

While they may run by the seat of their pants - it's their ability to get their tech right that helps to propel them.

These companies embrace technology and automation.

In simple terms - they spend money on solutions.


They understand that to move their business forward, it's just part of the equation.

They have a growth mindset.

They know that success comes with great systems and automation.

I was having lunch with a client yesterday and he's struggling the following scenario.

If you're spending $1,500 a year for QuickBooks now, how do you justify moving your business to a full fledged accounting/ERP app?

The divide between running your business on QuickBooks and spreadsheets has become such a norm for businesses across America that very few people can see outside of the box they’re in.

They can’t see that their tools are holding them back.

I've been fortunate to work with CEO's that embrace innovation and automation.

When you're able generate tens or hundreds of millions of dollars with just a few people on staff and leveraging automation it's a completely different business model.

The conversations you have around moving your business forward are very different.

It's truly liberating.

Let me know if this makes sense to you.  Shoot me an email.