Good, Better, Best

Take a look at the tech in your company today.

Is it good, better or best? 

How do you know?

In my travels I see many instances were companies fall short of even being in the good category.

Depending on your type of business a good IT environment might be all that you need.

You see - good, better, best is relative.

Where you run into problems is when there’s a disconnect of expectation.

Meaning, you think you have best when you really have good.

When there’s an expectation mismatch - alignment goes out the window.

And when your alignment is out - problems begin. 

That's when you hear phrases like: “Oh I thought my server was supposed to be up all of the time”. only to find out that the server you have is only designed to be up most of the time.

Take a look at your environment and decide what category your tech is in.

Are you aligned with your expectation?

If you need some help figuring things out shoot me an email.

I’d be happy to help.