Gone Fishin'

I get around 150 email messages per day.

With that volume of email I've had to develop a method for keeping things going. 

Sense since phishing seems to be all the rage these days I thought I’d talk a little bit about phishing and how I handle it.

Here's a link to what phishing is if you don't already know.

So my general rule of thumb with email is - Don't Click - Delete.

Meaning - If I don't know what it is just hit delete.

Call me crazy but it keeps my inbox clean and helps me focus on the things I need to focus on.

If I get an email for an account confirmation that I didn't sign up for I hit delete.
If I get an email from a vendor I didn't buy something from I hit delete.
If I get an email from something I did not subscribe to I hit delete.
If an email lands in my spam filter, well that's just too bad, because I don't check my spam filter. 

There is one caveat.  If someone calls me and says they sent me an email and I don't see it in my inbox, then I’ll check my spam filter.  But that only happens maybe once or twice a year.

So yeah…
Call it Feng Shui
Call it decluttering your life

For me the general rule of thumb is if I don't know who is knocking.  I am not opening the door  

When it comes to managing your email and especially when email phishing is such an epidemic - it's important to remember that curiosity killed the cat.

So don't click delete is the way to go.

Don't click - Delete