Employee Startup Costs

One of the exercises I do with clients is to work up the cost of on boarding a new employee.

This helps to clarify the costs of what it takes to bring a new employee on board.

It also helps to make your tech costs real.

Then on occasion we’ll to refer back to and update this document when doing budgeting.

So here's the short list of things you're going to want to put on the list.

Software (This includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and any licensing related to your line of business)
Services (Phone numbers, online accounts)
Business Cards

Once you have this information compiled it can be used as part of your new employee on boarding pre-start-date steps to make sure you have everything in place on day one for that new employee.

It's small exercises like this that help to reinforce your involvement in the tech in your business. 

Tech becomes less of an afterthought when it’s part of the plan.  

If you need help putting a list together shoot me an email.