IT Is A Journey

Working through the process of on boarding some new clients brings up an interesting thought.

As a consultant I'm brought in to review, assess and make recommendations.

As a consultant the expectation is that we are experts and can quickly hone in on what the salient issues are.  That is a fair expectation.

But this notion is slightly skewed when buying an IT company’s services.

Let me explain.

As an IT provider we are brought into environments to do 3 things.

Fix the current problems.
Provide support now.
Effectively manage going forward.

Of these 3 items the one that holds the most value to most new clients is - to fix the current problems.

Support and ongoing management are expected. Those are the table steaks.

Sure these 3 items have different weights and values that can be applied to them.

They are all  important in the grand design.

But -- You can't really do one without the other two.

The thing is - we're all wired with the with a desire is to fix problems. To make them go away.

In the IT space we need to be effective at managing these 3 areas of need. 

We need to be masters of parallel processing.

How do we do this?

We work with clients and discuss the options and expectations.

The thing is you can't fix everything in one day.

IT is a journey not a destination.

The goal is to make good progress in each area at a reasonable pace.