The Magic of IT

Is your IT guy like a magician?
Is he a master of illusion?
Do you sometimes feel like you're a victim to slight of hand?

If your IT guy is some sort of master illusionist then you're likely not getting the transparency you need.

There is really no magic to IT.

IT is binary.
It's ones and zeros.
It's the scientific method.

Is there an art to doing IT?  Well of course there is.  But it's definitely not magic.

If you feel like the wool is being pulled over your eyes.
If you feel like someone is playing a trick on you.
If your IT guy is really good at playing doing the disappearing act.

Then what you have is not real.

I am a big fan of magic.
But here's the thing.
The thing that makes great magic is…

Having a vision
Having a plan
And...Executing that vision

Your IT guy might be a great magician and impress you with a neat trick every once in awhile.

But a great IT guy performs well consistently, all the time, every day.

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