The IT Holy Wars

IT guys as you may know can be a very opinionated bunch.

Their ability to take a hard line on any technical point can get a little over-the-top sometimes. 

I'm sure you've heard of and been part of some of these holy wars.

There's…  Mac versus PC and Android versus iPhone just to give you a few of the common ones.

If you really want to see an IT guy get lit up just ask him what kind of antivirus software you should use.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've sat at a IT conference luncheon and someone starts off the conversation with the question - What kind of antivirus do you use?  Seriously.

IT guys will quote you every fact, statistic and technical spec that they can think of to explain to you why their position is absolutely the most correct one.

Here's the thing.  Choosing technology for your business is really about choosing what's best for you.  And yes that means including “your” technical preferences.

This last year my company began taking on clients with primarily Mac environments.  We had to overcome some holy wars within our own ranks.

And you know what... We came out the other side just fine.  

If you want to use a Mac as your computer platform and that is fine with me.

I have other clients that want to use specific applications. And you know what? that's fine with me.

As long as we have a standard that we’re working from then we're good.

While there are generally accepted computing standards.  There’s still plenty of flexibility to select the tech in your business to match your company’s culture.