Persistence Pays Off

In a world where instant gratification and quick fixes have become the standard by which all things are judged.  It can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow when you find out that it's just going to take a little more time before your issue gets resolved.

And while I would say that most technical service requests that come in can be resolved in 30 minutes or less, there are still certain issues that require more time.

Last week we had a problem with a clients Internet access.

For some reason it would randomly stop working.  We contacted the vendor went through the normal protocol for escalations, which with this specific vendor were painfully slow.  At the end of the first session the vendor came back and said that the clients equipment was misconfigured.

This was not true of course and so we spent more time escalating with the vendor again and again and we're still left with nothing at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, we were able to figure out a workaround ourselves to keep things running.  The issue remained unresolved.

The next morning we called the vendor again.  This time the technician that assisted us noticed the problem right away.  He made one small change and we were able to get the issue resolved.

Now in this case the issue was fixed quickly once it was diagnosed.
The problem is that the diagnosis took longer then the fix itself.

It's kind of like when you go see the doctor and they refer you to another doctor and they refer you to yet another doctor who says oh just do this one little thing and you'll be fine.

So much of IT is spent diagnosing the issue.

The real work is the diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Some people do it faster and some people do it slower, but it doesn't negate the fact that diagnostics and troubleshooting need to occur to be able to fully understand the problem and provide a solution.

If you DO you will succeed - is the motto that we operate by.

As long as we do we will succeed.

So that leaves us with 2 options:
1.  Do
2.  Not Do

and as far as I'm concerned in my business we always do.