Utility IT

Do you buy your IT like a utility?  Is that a good thing?

Most IT companies sell IT like it’s a utility.
Think the power company or the cable company. 


People seem to get the transactional nature of this type of relationship.

You pay money for something and it's on.
You pay money for something and it just works.
You pay for something and you just take it for granted.

There's a downside to this type of thinking.

IT service providers are not utility companies.
These companies are made of people providing a service.
This confuses the buyer and taints expectations.

Buyer = You

You see, you think you're buying a utility when really you're buying a service and there is a big disconnect there.

What you are buying is a company's resources (time+tools) to keep your tech running and to maintain your technology.

Your expectation is that it is delivered like the power company or the cable company - where everything just sort of works,

But in reality - IT service providers can't control all of the elements.

A cable company just needs to make sure that they are connecting you to their headend to be able to provide you TV and Internet. They control all the equipment all the way through. 

The phone company is the same way.
The electrical company is the same way.
The tech in your business is not the same way.

So when someone shows up at your door and says I can manage all of your computers for a low monthly fee you should be wary of the promises that they are making.

You see, they are trying to sell you a service packaged as a utility.

So your mind instantly thinks...
This utility will solve all of my needs!

But that thought is skewed.
And as a result expectations are not aligned.
And you are buying something you will likely not be happy with.

The concept of tech get your tech right is to help educate you as a buyer to make the right decisions.  To make informed decisions.  To help you define your expectations.  To help you manage the tech in your business.

I'm here to help.  Shoot me an email.  I'd like to know what you think.