Tech Is For Everyone

Why do I do what I do?

The question why do I do what I do comes up in conversation often.

Reason 1
There is a lot of bad tech out there. I'm continually amazed at the amount of bad decisions, and uninformed decisions being made in the name of tech. Quite frankly it's just wrong and needs to stop.

Reason 2
Most of the content available is really written by tech for tech people. I don't know about you but I don't want to read an article titled 3 tips for improving my email usage, or 5 security tips for your business. A lot of that content is not something a business owner wants or needs. 

It's something that IT should already be doing for you

Reason 3
I generally do like helping people

So to sum it up there's a lot of bad tech out there.

There's no one providing a clear path to fixing the problem.

And I genuinely like to help people.

And that's why I do what I do.

If you need help getting your tech right feel free to reach out.

Shoot me an email and let's see what we can do to get you on the right path.