Saving For The Future

I was having a conversation with a fellow technology guy and he made an interesting point which was…

The concept of saving for the future. 

Often when bringing on a new client there is some form of a project to put the client on the path to getting their tech right.  

These projects usually require some sort of purchase to help to bring an environment up to a healthy state.  Often the expenditure required can be uncomfortable for the client who has to outlay some cash to get things fixed.

My friend made the point that you're going to have to spend that cash again and again based on the IT life cycle of that device...   Why not plant the seed now with the client that you're going to have to spend the money again and again and again.  Made sense to me and so here we are.

Consider that idea of putting a little bit of money away each month or each year knowing that eventually you're going to have to replace your gear.  Just this one act could make you happier 

Seriously.  Planned purchases are more fun that unplanned purchases.

I actually have one customer who budgets for his IT every year and pays upfront for all services and projects for the year.  I realize for most people or businesses that might not be ideal.  

So today I thought I would just plant the seed and ask you to think about saving or budgeting - if you're so inclined - for IT purchases.

Typically smaller companies don't operate on budgets and so the concept of savings might make more sense. If that’s the case. Then decide to save.

If you need help getting your head around this concept or want to figure out what you need drop me an email, let me know what you think.

Make it a great day.