Same Great Taste... Just More

Last weekend I had the new McDonald's Grand Mac.  It's pretty much just the Big Mac we all know and love but just more of it.

Now I try to be a healthy person but sometimes I just like to do a little junk food run.

Usually when I eat a Big Mac, which is rarely, my stomach feels a little queasy afterwards. 

So as you can guess - after eating the Grand Mac my stomach was a lot o' queasy.

The lesson learned here is that...

Sometimes more of a good old thing does not make it good.

Flip to the new Mondo Gizmo song called Shine.  The song has a classic Bob Dylan/Beatles vibe.  When you hear it - you instantly recognize that it's got that classic goodness.

Flip to the tech... Are you holding onto an old piece of equipment or an old application in your business?

Are you employees struggling because when they come into work their computer is a boat anchor?

If this is the case remember that boat anchors belong on the bottom of the ocean and not on someone’s desk.

If you try the new Grand Mac let me know what you think. If your systems or applications need some help feel free to reach out.  

Make it a great day!