Tinder My Tech

Let's face it.  There's a lot of bad IT out there.

As a result a lot of companies have their tech in disarray from jumping from one bad relationship to another.

Having a bad relationship with your IT company is a very common thing.

With all of these bad IT relationships out there, it's no wonder business owners feel like they'll never find love again.

More often than not - buying IT is a lot like online dating.

You look at the picture, you read a few lines and then you say hey I'd like to meet this person.

Then you have that awkward first date.  You're too shy or desperate to cut it off when it's not going well and so you end up dating somebody you don't really like.

Or worse, you meet somebody great, take them home and have sex and then wake up the next day and realize you've just made a huge mistake.

Yeah online dating can go bad.

As a matter of fact any kind of dating can go bad if your head is not in a good place and you don't know what you want.

There doesn't have to be a shroud of mystery surrounding the tech in your business.

There doesn’t have to be fear or distress around the tech in your business.

I'm here to tell you that you can't find love again.

I'm here to tell you that you can have a good relationship with the tech in your business

It is possible!