One Shot Charlie

If you hear the phrase One Shot Charlie, hit it and quit it, or take the big drink, I'm usually referring to vendors who have no vested interest in having a relationship with you.

There's a classic movie called Mr. Destiny where the main character is constantly going back-and-forth with his contractor.  At one point the main character asks the contractor why is it that every time he needs anything it costs $1000.  The contractor's attitude clearly tells you that he's got no vested interest in helping his client.

In IT it's very common to see evidence of vendors who are One Shot Charlie's.

They look at a client as the big drink, meaning - Let's get them for as much as I can get them for now, because I only have this one chance.

It's a bad situation for all parties involved

You the client end up paying a lot more than you normally would.
The vendor is basically doing a dump and run on you.
You’re left with sub-par tech or even worse nothing works.

Getting Your Tech Right is about understanding what you want, documenting your requirements and then finding a vendor who is going to be around after the sale so that your investment is properly protected.

With that said - It's important to ask questions upfront about support after the sale.

Listen for clues that will tell you whether or not this guy or gal is going to be there for you after the sale.  And then get some referrals.

One night stands are fun - Just not in IT.