Butt In Chair Syndrome

Today I'd like to discuss an epidemic that has spread across corporate America.

It's called Butt In Chair Syndrome.

Have you ever had a situation where you're sitting at your computer and something just isn’t working for you?  Then your IT guy comes along, sits in your chair, and auto-magically the issue is resolved?

This is just one form of what is commonly referred to as Butt In Chair Syndrome.

So how do you help one of your of coworkers if they have Butt In Chair Syndrome?

Recommend that they get some training on the basics of how to use a computer.

If it’s you that commonly suffers from this ailment.  Get some help.

Consider what you're doing to your computer and others in your office.

Step back, slow down, and get some training or watch some YouTube videos to teach you how to do the things you're trying to do.

There are studies that show that some people are more susceptible to computer problems than others.

Don't be a victim.

End the madness.  

Let's make the world a better place for you and the tech guys supporting you.