Lights, Camera, No Action

Today I'm headed down the road to meet a vendor regarding their product. Yes it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. 

Here's the deal on this one. We have this client who has hundreds and hundreds of surveillance cameras that we inherited as part of working with this client.  As part of taking over we documented the existing system, we learned about it and then after immersing ourselves in the system we began managing the system for the client.

Recently we have discovered some ghosts in the machine.  Meaning that there’s some weird stuff going on with the cameras at one of this clients many locations.

When these types of things happen we go to the the source.  In other words…  We go to the vendor or manufacturer.  

It's this type of work that goes unnoticed  This is where the unseen heroes roam. Clearly it's going to take some time in driving, in meetings, in research and resolving this problem. 

So the question I would ask you is this…  Would you expect to pay for all this back and forth that it takes to resolve this problem?

Or let me ask the question a little differently - If you had to do all of this work yourself would you expect to get paid for it?  And if so how?  Shoot an email and let me how your thoughts.

So I'm gonna hit the road and learn a little bit more about the ghost in the machine.

There's a lot more to tech then just keeping the lights on. Sometimes it's the unseen work that really makes a difference. Looking forward to getting this camera system working.

So that we can have some lights, cameras and action!